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These yellow storage tanks have not been used for 15 years. Do you want to see them reactivated and filled with volatile crude oil so close to homes, schools, parks, downtown and the marina?
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Stop WesPac’s Proposed Crude Oil Terminal in Pittsburg

More trains, more asthma and cancer, risks of spills and explosions

We are fighting a proposed oil terminal near downtown Pittsburg, California. This major industrial project would bring up to 100 rail cars of crude oil through Pittsburg every day.

The massive, 125-acre terminal would be where the old PG&E tanks are now, less than half a mile from downtown Pittsburg, and near homes, schools, parks, and the waterfront. The site lies in both a flood zone and a liquefaction zone (that means that in an earthquake, the soil acts like a liquid and buildings are easily damaged).


The latest developments – the City of Pittsburg has decided to re-visit some of the health and safety concerns. Come to our next meeting to find out more and get involved.


The threats to public health, safety, and air and water quality posed by this project are beyond unacceptable. Click here to learn more about the hazards to Pittsburg.

Find out ways to take action, or call us with any questions or to get involved -
(925) 338-7321 or email

The great aerial shot of downtown Pittsburg comes from NateG.

2 thoughts on “

  1. Barbara Hunt

    I have heard that the trains are blowing up first THEN derailing due to the volitility of the contents from below the rock. This is really a dangerouse oil mix and should not be shipped in old and inadequate trains through urban areas.

  2. Angry Pittsburg Resident

    Not only is this a slap in mother nature’s face, it’s irresponsible capitalist, unethical and inhumane. They’re already FRACKING the crap out of California ‘causing seismic activity and now they want to turn this little city into a POLLUTED atmosphere?! We MUST aggressively disrupt WesPac and never lose sight of the importance of standing up to companies who like making profits by dumping doing they’re dirty work in our backyards. BRAVO to the city of Pittsburg for standing up to environmental terrorists.


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