Seattle passes a resolution against crude-by-rail

Many cities in Washington state are concerned about the huge increase in oil being transported by train, the transport of explosive Bakken shale oil, and the need to address climate. Spokane has already passed a resolution asking the state for more study and safeguards before increasing the amount of crude-by-rail that comes through their town.

On Monday, the Seattle City Council unanimously passed a resolution asking that permits for all projects that would increase oil trains through Seattle to be put on hold until more thorough environmental and safety review can be done. The resolution also points out that

[T]he transport of large volumes of fossil fuels such as petroleum is not compatible with the City of Seattle’s role as a regional and national leader in addressing climate change or with the City’s established goal of being carbon neutral by 2050.

Seattle City Council calls for statewide moratorium on new oil train terminals (Q13 Fox)
Here you can read the full text of the oil train resolution.


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