Another explosion: 4th in 6 months!

Coming less than two weeks after a train carrying Bakken shale oil exploded in North Dakota, today another train caught fire in New Brunswick, Canada. The news reports say it was carrying “propane and crude oil”; most likely the crude oil it was carrying was also Bakken shale oil.

Remember, Bakken shale oil is what WesPac says it wants to bring to Pittsburg – a mile-long train of 104 tanker cars of the stuff 5 days a week!

new brunswick train

Train carrying oil derails, catches fire in Canada (Boston Herald)

For those of you keeping track at home, that’s four different trains of crude oil that have burst into flame in just the last six months.

The federal government has issued a warning about Bakken shale oil. Here’s some coverage from CNBC:

CNBC fed warning on Bakken

Bakken oil safety warning issued by federal government

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