Gov. Jerry Brown on Fracking

kalw_logoFracking California: Can Jerry Brown be a climate leader if he does not oppose fracking?

An interesting article on Governor Jerry Brown’s position on fracking was published June 17th, 2014 by at KAWL, local Public Radio for San Francisco. Hertsgaard writes:

“When Jerry Brown stepped up to the microphone at the California Democratic Party’s convention in March, it looked like it might be an environmental love-fest. He was kicking off his campaign for a fourth term as governor of the state that is perhaps the world’s leading environmental trend-setter.

Brown began his speech touting the economic recovery California has experienced since his election in 2010. But when the governor started talking about the drought, and the need to manage the state’s water wisely, heckling erupted among the party faithful. Protestors held signs and called out, “No Fracking.” Brown fired back, declaring that California is the only state on a serious path to slash its consumption of fossil fuels.

“All you guys who like to make noise, just listen, for a moment,” he said. “Californians, including most of you, are driving over 330 million miles a year. So the challenge here is gigantic.”

The challenge, and question, for Jerry Brown, right now, is whether Jerry Brown can be a climate leader if he does not oppose fracking.”

Read the full article at KALW’s website to learn more about the issues.