Clean Energy

Clean energy – also known as ‘Green energy’ – is the way forward. Our reliance on petroleum products is not sustainable and we are now past the tipping point: we have to find other ways of powering our homes, our communities, and our nation. We also need to create stable, well-paying jobs in clean industries so that when the businesses that rely on the exploitation of oil and gas decline, we can transition smoothly. Even within the past few years, industries that work with the environment, not against it, have stepped into the limelight. We now have technologies to harness wind and wave power, to capture solar and geothermal energy, and to leverage bioenergy and tidal power. Costs of implementing these renewable forms of energy have fallen and continue to fall to the point that many of the new technologies are  economically competitive. What’s more, investor confidence in these markets is growing and we are closer than ever before to reaching the the goal of 100% renewable energy.


Here are a few links to resources that we believe could take the place of the dirty industries that want to pollute and undermine our community.

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