Crockett/Rodeo Phillips 66 Propane Recovery Project

Our neighbors to the west sent us this to share with you:


The Bigger Picture Comes into Focus

Using the proposed WesPac terminal as the central hub, the major refineries of the East Bay are ramping up their facilities as well, endangering other communities in our county.

Phillips 66 wants to process a dirtier crude (Canadian tar sands). The dirtier the crude, the more propane and butane can be extracted from it. Phillips 66′s targeted propane/butane market is China.

The refinery wants to build 6 large propane storage tanks (100,000 gallons each) in Rodeo right next to the bay….all connected by pipes to an existing rail spur that will double in size and happens to be sited in a liquefaction zone.

If there is an accident, those tanks will go off like a thermonuclear bomb. There will be a 1000 foot fireball (the equivalent of a 100 football fields) and an even larger, lethal percussive air blast zone.

Rodeo recently had to close a firehouse. The Crockett/Carquinez Fire chief says there is no way that they can fight the fire.

The Rodeo Sanitary District’s Sewer plant, only 900 feet away, was not even given a EIR for review.

The cumulative impact of the Phillips 66 project, along with the other refinery expansions in the Bay Area, and the WesPac storage terminal in Pittsburg virtually guarantees a catastrophic event in our region.


The appeal in front of the Board of Supervisors for the Rodeo 66 refinery project will be:

Tuesday, January 21st at 1:00 PM at 651 Pine Street in Martinez.

Luckily, this event is prior to the Pittsburg City Hall rally at 5 pm and City Council meeting at 7 pm.

Please come and support our fight against this project. You don’t have to speak (you can fill out a card and say that you are against the EIR without having to speak.) If you choose to speak, and want some ideas, here are four topics (very familiar to those of us fighting WesPac):

  • Talk about the cumulative impact of the project along with the other refinery expansions in the Bay Area
  • You can address the fact that it omits mention of the proposed WesPac oil terminal in regards to the Rodeo expansion (feel free to wave Attorney General Kamala Harris’s letter as visual prop, as SHE manages to address the connection!)
  • You can address the environmental justice issue: the Richmond and Rodeo refineries are some of the oldest refineries in the nation….when they were built they had nothing around them. Over the past century, “life happened” and housing got closer and closer. In Rodeo’s case the closest neighborhood, is a housing project filled with people who will be in harmís way…and have nowhere to go.
  • The EIR is grossly incomplete and needs to go back to the drawing board. There are supplemental documents that outline the holes in the EIR on this blog site:


You can also mention that the EIR does not include information about what types of crude will be used: see the Refinery Action Collaborative letter. The Attorney General’s letter also addresses this point.