We Won – WesPac is GONE!



WesPac is GONE!


WesPac has withdrawn their application due, they say, to business reasons. The price of oil has gone down and they don’t have the demand to move forward. They are GONE!

This project was first proposed in 2011 and was to be completed the next year. For 4 long years we have fought to keep this Big Oil business from making Pittsburg its new home.


Together we demanded better and wanted more for our town.

We took a stand against the biggest, dirty industry this planet has known so far and we WON!


How did Pittsburg Win?


The residents of Pittsburg had nothing to do with the oil prices dropping but what we did was to take a stand against Big Oil to stop them from ruining our town. We stood together as a neighbors to fight this project until we’d stalled it for so long that it was no longer viable. Here’s how:


  • Through community meetings we educated the residents of Pittsburg on the WesPac project and what it meant to our health, safety, and way of life.
  • We collected over 5,200 petition signatures, knocked on thousands of doors, and left materials to educate the community on the dangers of the project.
  • We lobbied our city and county officials to educate them on the incorrect reports found in the EIR.
  • We spoke at countless planning commission and city council meetings and talked about our concerns and fears. We presented citizen air monitoring reports and demanded that we have the right to clean air. We demanded that we have a right to live in a safe and healthy environment and demanded that the city council stop this project.
  • We got the attention of the State Attorney General Kamala Harris who said this project presented numerous risks to the community, environment and was a matter of social injustice and was legally questionable.
  • We spoke to the media and had numerous stories on TV and in the newspaper. We told the world what was being planned in our city.


We were not quiet!



Please join us in celebration at the next city council meeting when the news of WesPac’s withdrawal will be made official. We will be handing out victory yard signs after the meeting.

When: Monday December 14, 2015

Time: 7pm

Where: 65 Civic Avenue, Pittsburg, CA 94565

If you are unable to attend the city council meeting and want a victory sign send us an email request and we will get one to you.

Email us to request a yard sign: pittsburgdc@gmail.com

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