Understanding the Issues

The ‘big picture’ around the whole discussion of crude by rail and what we are achieving here in Pittsburg can be confusing. Oftentimes, unless you work in the business or are a scientist, you don’t know the difference between the various types of crude oil or why the new kinds are so dangerous. And we are not all scientists – we’re just concerned members of the Pittsburg community, after all! So to help us all understand the discussion, we’ve created some fact sheets and useful links. Select from the ones below to learn more.


Earth-button-Rnd-150px:: Climate Change Slide-button-Rnd-150px:: Technical Background & Slideshows
Faq-button-Rnd-150px:: Learn about Bakken Shale Oil Faq-button-Rnd-150px:: Learn about Tar Sands Oil






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