What does WesPac Mean for Me?

As residents of Pittsburg, we will be exposed to an increase in noise, smell and air pollution from the hazardous materials. It is predicted that we will also see an increase in the already elevated rates of cancer and asthma in Pittsburg and the surrounding areas.

Is this what we want? Can we live with this?

Pittsburg residents who own their homes will also see a decrease in property values and downtown businesses will be threatened as visitors stay away because of the smell and pollution.

A spill from the tanks could devastate the Bay and the Delta, destroying the aquatic life and the birds, and ruining the area for recreation activities. The proposed project is located dangerously close to a fresh water intake so a spill or a leak could threaten the whole regional water supply!

And we would face the possibility of spills, explosions or a catastrophic fire that would threaten our homes, businesses, livelihoods…and lives!