What is WesPac?

Stop WesPac WesPac Energy is a company that wants to bring an enormous crude oil storage facility project into Pittsburg. Their mega oil terminal would bring in up to 10 million gallons of crude oil per day by ship. This oil would be stored in old tanks located on the former PG&E site between Willow Pass Road and the waterfront.

Why are we worried about WesPac?

Put simply, this project is planned for a site that’s dangerously close to houses, churches, parks and schools. It will bring highly volatile crude oil (also known as ‘tar sands oil’) and bakken shale oil into our community and the risk of explosion is very high. In addition, there is no way to prevent oil spills – from transit or from the storage containers – and any spillages will either leak into the Delta or into the ground, poisoning it forever.

And with the proximity of the oil storage tanks we’ll all have to live with the noxious and toxic odors. The smell from this oil is especially strong due to the fact that it has a high sulfur content.

political-cartoon-postcardThe City of Pittsburg and its residents have been working hard to revitalize the downtown and make it a beautiful space for all residents. We now have a cute little farmer’s market at the weekend, a coffee shop, a bookstore, a bike store, and a number of restaurants in which we can enjoy a Sunday brunch with family, a business lunch, or a romantic evening with a loved one. We have family-owned businesses lining Railroad Avenue and these are all great places for neighbors to meet, socialize, and to directly support our local economy. Right now, the city is safe, clean, and welcoming – and we need to keep it that way!

So what is WesPac offering the City of Pittsburg?

WesPac’s only contribution to the city would be the offer of 40 permanent jobs. What they don’t say is that those jobs would go to Pittsburg residents. They may be offered to Pittsburg residents, or they may not.

It doesn’t seem like a good trade-off considering what we have to lose! Wondering what WesPac might mean to your family?

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Learn more about WesPac, in the company’s own words:

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