About Pittsburg

pittsburg_mapPittsburg is a neat little Californian town close to San Francisco. Pittsburg is located at the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers and is a small city with a big mix of ideas. Our town was founded in 1839 when approximately 10,000 acres were granted to Jose Antone Mesa and Miguel Jose Garcia, and the town was first named ‘New York of the Pacific’. In time, the area became known as ‘New York Landing’ and was built on fishing and canning until coal was discovered in local hills and the race for ‘black diamonds’ was on!

Modern Pittsburg is a great commuter community. We are connected to San Francisco by the BART line and can offer safe, affordable Bay Area housing, a friendly community, and a delightful downtown with a marina and boutique stores. We also offer a warm and generous spirit, embracing diversity and inclusion in our community. This is why we love Pittsburg!



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