Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement:

Preserving and protecting the quality of life in Pittsburg and for all our Delta and Bay neighbors by educating the residents about local environmental and health issues.

Our Vision:

Pittsburg Defense Council is committed to educating and empowering our local residents to advocate for clean air, water quality, a healthy environment and improving the quality of life for the residents of Pittsburg and our Delta and Bay neighbors.

Our Values:

  • Respect and value others
  • Engage and embrace diversity
  • Maintain integrity and ethical responsibility in all practices

Our Goals and Objectives:

  • To educate, advocate, facilitate, and assist with the clean up of environmental hazards
  • To make a positive, lasting, sustainable difference in the landscape and waterfront of Pittsburg and our neighboring communities
  • To improve communication between citizens and local entities by creating a forum for residents to advocate for the needs of the community
  • To monitor city actions and advocate alignment with healthy environmental practices

Our Strategy:

  • Educate residents about actions or decisions that may impact quality of life through community outreach activities
  • Participate in local and regional meetings to learn about and highlight changes to improve the environmental quality of Pittsburg to keep our community safe and healthy
  • Understand the legal process, and resident protections available, involved with any current or proposed projects