Hazards to Pittsburg

wespac proposal smaller

The proposed site. Notice how many homes are incredibly close to the tanks and the huge new rail facility.
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WesPac Energy wants to build an enormous oil storage and transfer facility in Pittsburg. Their mega oil terminal would bring in crude oil by ship and expanded pipelines. And PG&E’s old tanks near the waterfront would be reactivated to create a tank ‘farm’ for crude oil storage.

Some of the effects this project will have on the surrounding area include:

  • Residents will be exposed to smells in addition to pollution from the hazardous materials. This will make Pittsburg’s asthma epidemic worse, and degrade air quality for the entire community.
  • Pittsburg homeowners will see a decrease in property values.
  • We know that WesPac plans on bringing in very dangerous types of crude oil that will pose health and safety risks for Pittsburg and the nearby refinery towns.
  • A spill could devastate the Bay and the Delta, hurting fishing, crabbing, and recreation. The dirtier, unconventional crudes are even harder to clean up than regular oil spills. We’ve seen terrible accidents recently in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, Kalamazoo, MI, and Mayflower, AR, where whole neighborhoods had to be evacuated.

We know that Pittsburg is already one of the communities in the Bay Area most heavily impacted by industrial pollution. The threats to public health, safety, and air and water quality posed by this project are beyond unacceptable.

The selling points for this oil terminal are quite weak:

  • “It will provide energy for California.” Fact: Increased domestic drilling and refining doesn’t translate to lower prices at the pump here in the U.S. Demand for gasoline is shrinking in California, and the refined product is likely bound for Asian markets.
  • “It will bring jobs to Pittsburg.” Fact: WesPac promises 40 permanent jobs, but those are not necessarily going to Pittsburg residents. In addition, downtown business will be hurt if visitors stay away because of the smells and pollution.

The proposed project is a step backward in California’s drive toward clean, renewable energy. Let’s build for the future instead of the past!

How You Can Help Stop This Project:

  • Sign the online petition to stop the WesPac oil terminal! Share the petition with your friends and neighbors.
  • Get involved - We have occasional community meetings, door-to-door canvassing some Saturdays, and special events like movie screenings and a Toxics Tour.
  • Help us with the paper petition – We are collecting as many signatures on paper as possible. Add your signature to a petition – download from our printable resources page, get some signatures from your neighbors and friends!

Contact us with any questions or to get involved:

Call us at (925) 338-7321
Email us at pittsburgdc@gmail.com